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Semiconductor Packaging in the European Supply Chain

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Semiconductor Packaging in the European Supply Chain​​​​​​​

Micro Systems Engineering GmbH (MSEB) is a European OSAT offering conventional and advanced semiconductor packaging technology for low to medium volume projects to the market. Starting with an overview of the packaging market, we discuss key processes of advanced packaging technology and give a summary of package types already provided by MSEB.
In order to achieve the advantages of miniaturization, we will look at bonding FlipChips, System in Package and molding processes.
After the presentation, we are happy to answer all your questions live in our virtual Q&A session.
Maximilian Wallrodt
Head of Chip on Board Technologies
Micro Systems Engineering

Heinie von Michaelis
Sales & Key Account Manager
Micro Systems Technologies

Jörg Artmann
Process Engineer
​​​​​​​Micro Systems Engineering

Discussion      20 min
Q&A Session   10 min

30 minutes