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Video on Demand: More functionality in less space - How to miniaturize your electronics using the example of an IoT sensor

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More functionality in less space - How to miniaturize your electronics using the example of an IoT sensor

Miniaturizing electronics increases performance and energy efficiency while allowing more functionality to fit into less space and finally even reduces system cost. Today, different approaches are available on the market to miniaturize electronic systems, each with their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of complexity, supply chain, cost and yield.
In this webinar, we will show you how we have been miniaturizing systems for years for a wide variety of customers in the aerospace, medical and industrial sensor industries. For this purpose, we have created our own demonstrator in the form of a hermetic IoT sensor, which we use to present the readily available solutions. Starting with a customized system-in-package which contains all core functionalities, we show how ultra-thin flexible printed circuit boards are utilized to package a great number of sensors and functionality into a minimal volume. Finally, a ceramic substrate (LTCC) serves as hermetic feedthrough, which allows the sensor to interact with the outside world.
Manuel Martina
Head of Strategy and Business Development, Micro Systems Technologies

Presentation 20 min
Q&A Session 10 min

30 minutes