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Video on Demand: LCP Substrate Technology for Millimeter Wave Applications

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LCP Substrate Technology for Millimeter Wave Applications​​​​​​​

LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) has attracted considerable interest as a substrate material for microwave and mm-wave applications at frequencies above 10 GHz. In addition to low-loss signal transmission, it also offers unique material properties among organic materials in terms of moisture permeability and absorption, making it an attractive solution for hermetically sealed packages. In multilayer substrate assemblies, LCP can also be used as an adhesive, providing fully homogeneous dielectric structures. A novel method for flip-chip assemblies is presented and discussed, in which LCP is also used as an underfill and encapsulation material.
Eckardt Bihler
Business Development Manager, DYCONEX

​​​​​​​Marc Hauer
R&D Manager, DYCONEX

Dicussion 15 min
Q&A Session 15 min

30 minutes